Quacky Bot Docs
Quacky Permissions
What does Quacky use it's permissions for?
Below are the permissions set in the default Quacky invite link. Why Quacky needs the permissions are explained below. If you invite Quacky with the admin invite link Quacky will have administrator permissions. This can be helpful if you want Quacky to be in every channel of the server.
View Audit Log - Not used yet.
Manage Server - Not used yet.
Manage Roles - For all the role commands. (Create/Edit/Delete Roles)
Manage Channels - For all the voice channel commands and the channelban commands.
Kick Members - For the kick Command.
Ban Members - For the ban, unban, and softban Command.
Create Invite - Used to invite a developer when an error is found (if requested).
Change Nickname - Not used yet.
Manage Nicknames - For the setnick Command.
Manage Emojis - Not used yet.
Manage Webhooks - Not used yet.
Read & Send Messages - For Quacky to be able to read and respond to messages.
Manage Messages - For the clear Command.
Embed Links - For fancy embed messages.
Attach Files - For the duck Command.
Read Message History - For Reactions
Use External Emojis - For the check and x emoji's
Add Reactions - For the bot to be able to add reactions to messages.
Connect - Not used yet.
Speak - Not used yet.
Mute Members - For the vcunmute and vcspectate Command.
Deafen Members - Not used yet.
Move Members - For the vcmute/vcunmute Command.
Use Voice Activity - Not used yet.
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